Torchlight Records is a new record label in the process of being setup by Lux Ventus Ltd, and will encompass existing projects including Gaitway Brothers and International Christmas Child.

The founding vision is to represent the best of young independent talent in Scotland and to strengthen and encourage excellence in the youth music sector in Scotland, for the benefit of the young people.

  • Signing young musicians in Scotland and empowering them to reach new heights through their music on a national or even international level

  • Showcasing young talent for the present value they have as artists in their own right, not just the potential for the future

  • Realising popular demand for Youth Music as an inspirational art and making it commercially viable and successful

Torchlight Records is being founded by Lux Ventus directors Matthew & Nathan Todd, and is being launched in the course of Summer/Autumn 2015.

Has this caught your interest? We love collaborating and hearing from likeminded individuals or organisations, please drop us a note and so we can stay in touch.

Nathan & Matt

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The Gaitway Brothers are twin singers managed by Lux Ventus.

'Free' is a classical art song album and online resource produced by Lux Ventus


'International Christmas Child' is a charity album featuring young singers from around the world and raising funds for Operation Christmas Child. The album is produced by Lux Ventus.